5137 Stage Coach Road

Nathalie VA 24577

(Halifax County Virginia)


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Farm History

Heritage Grove Pecan Farm

Though Virginia is not often thought of as one of the top producers of pecans, Virginia does have a suitable climate for some pecan varieties.  For many years we have harvested buckets of nuts each fall from the giant Stuart pecan tree in our backyard.  It has only been in the past three or four years that we began to pursue planting a commercial pecan grove on our land.  We know the trees grow well here, and we know the trees produce a great tasting nut.  So, after several years of careful planning, research, visits to other growers in the southeast, we tested our soil, surveyed our fields, and in January 2012 we planted our first 50 grafted trees, in 2013 we added another 50, and in 2014 we added 14 Mandan trees.  We also have hundreds of baby seedlings in raised beds.  We will soon have ten acres of trees in production. 

2017 Welcome to our Farm

Russell B., & Juliane Thurston, owners


Members of the North Carolina Pecan Grower's Association

We have over 110 grafted pecan trees, of seven different varieties growing on our farm.  We have about 500 seedlings growing in raised beds.  2017 is here.  Seedlings still growing slowly, will try some more grafting late winter, early spring and see what happens.



Our Projects

We moved to our farm in 1998, it was a dream come true  for our family.  Our farm is 46 acres of some of Virginia's finest farmland; a balance of open fields, wooded areas, fenced pastures, springs, creeks and a stocked pond.  What more could anyone want?  Fresh air, peace and quiet, and the chance to produce something of value from the land.  It has been a lifelong goal for our family to not only live on our farm, but to also work at making a living from our farm.  It has not been easy, but definitely rewarding.