Heritage Grove Pecan Farm

Our philosophy is to make the most productive use of our land by growing delicious and healthy pecans for sale to the general public.  We are also beginning to explore the possibility of specializing in growing  limited varieties of grafted pecan trees well suited for our Virginia climate for other growers who would also like to produce their own crop of delicious nuts.

We do not have any grafted trees available for sale right now.


Our Philosophy

Farm Mission Statement


Our Mission is to produce a quality crop of delicious pecans just in time for holiday  baking and to produce quality nursery stock for other growers in Virginia or similar climates.

Our Team:

About Our Trees


We grow seven varieties of grafted pecan trees. Stuart, Gloria Grande, Lakota, Pawnee, Oconee, Mandan and the patented Excel. These pecan varieties should do well in Virginia and similar climates.

Other Farm related Activities


Russell B. Thurston

Farm Manager


Juliane R. Thurston

Chief Gardener


Rusty H. Thurston

Maintenance & Grounds


We are slowly learning how to graft our own trees.  We do hope that one day in the next few years we would be able to offer for sale several varieties of pecan trees. 

 We will only sell top-quality trees when they are ready and the grafts have proven successful.  Grafting has been frustrating but we are figuring out the right combination of materials, timing, technique etc.  As soon as we have stock for sale we will let everyone know.

Time & Patience

 It takes a very long time to establish a pecan grove/orchard.  We do not yet have a mature orchard, it is still growing little by little with a few trees each year starting to produce nuts.