A few of our seedlings coming up.  By the end of the summer in 2014 the seedlings in these beds grew vigorously.  Six more beds have been constructed and planted but germination was slow in 2015 and weeds began to creep in before the seedlings came up.  This is a slow process but hopefully it will all come together in the next few years.  Thanks for your patience.

Custom, Hand Made Wood Signs

We also have a well equipped woodworking shop here on the farm.  We do our own repair and maintenance work on our many barns, sheds and other types of outbuildings.

During the cold winter months we make a few signs for our friends and family, gifts for special occasions etc. Our signs are all hand made.  We use locally grown and harvested Southern Yellow Pine, finished with premium exterior grade paints.

We make rustic and classic/traditional signs. The signs we make could one day turn into a small business but we are not ready commit to all of the legal & tax issues yet.  

Prices range from $40.00 to $150.00 depending on what you want.

In Autumn of 2015 we did harvest our first pecans from trees we planted in January 2012.  The nuts are very good in appearance and taste.

During the 2017 growing season we do have several more trees starting to produce nuts.

Since our trees are young and just now coming into production, I doubt we will have much to sell at harvest time in the Fall season of 2017, 

We also hope to have some grafted pecan trees for sale in late 2018...that's what we are shooting for.



Heritage Grove Pecan Farm